We extend a very warm welcome to the website of Georgette Nehme Real Estate of Lavington NSW, Australia.

Georgette Nehme Real Estate was established out of the desire of Georgette Nehme and James Veneris to bring together their differing yet complimentary backgrounds and areas of knowledge, experience, and expertise in providing professional real estate services.

Georgette brings with her a vast experience as a sales and marketing specialist of over 17 years in the real estate industry having commenced her career with a large franchise agency. James compliments and enhances this with his financial and legal knowledge and expertise in property related matters and transactions combined with an experience of over 38 years in the provision of professional services. Together, these attributes provide the perfect recipe for a holistic approach towards delivering high quality real estate sales and property management services.

Our business has continued to grow organically since we began operating since 2009 and is mostly grounded upon referral and repeat business from happy and satisfied clients from our wide local network. We pride ourselves in our extensive and intricate knowledge of the local real estate market. Our mission is to apply our wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise around property transactions for the mutual benefit of our clients.



At Georgette Nehme Real Estate we respect people's needs and wants. Property is about people and we take a lifecycle approach to property investment. The form or type of property is not what really matters but rather it is functionality that is most important.

1. Property investing meets our need for shelter.

Property, at its most basic level property provides a shelter for us. This may be as a renter or as an owner. We all have a basic need of shelter. At a more sophisticated level, the staple ingredient of most investors' property portfolio is the investors' own home which provides a tax shelter that allows for the realization of tax-free capital gains from home ownership.

2. Property investing meets our need for growth.

Most of us aspire to financial security and independence. We need to grow our wealth beyond our earnings from our own personal exertion (labour). Work is hard while investing is relatively easy although like all aspects of life it also involves an element of risk.

3. Property investing meets our need for lifestyle.

Lifestyle is perhaps one of the most over used words in our daily language but one of the most under rated outcomes from financial planning. Property investments in lifestyle properties can enhance our lifestyle.

4. Property investing meets our need for income.

There may come a time in our lifecycle when we will need extra income. This may be to save for a deposit, to service an investment loan, to pay school or university fees or to fund our retirement. Investing in commercial property can produce high levels of tax advantaged income for all these purposes and more.

5. Property investing meets our need for care.

Australians are ageing at unprecedented levels and we are living longer and with more wealth than previous generations. Investing in property suitable for ageing and in retirement villages might be our last property investment and perhaps the most important.


Everyone has their own reasons for investing in property and invariably these reasons are inextricably connected to the human lifecycle. At Georgette Nehme Real Estate we recognise and respect the role of the human lifecycle in property investment when dealing with first home buyers, investors, families, singles and retirees.